URBAN21 - Youth Forum Panel
5th July
Gábor Heves:
Curriculum Vitae

First Name: Gábor
Middle Name:
Last Name: Heves
Gender: male
Birth date (dd/mm/jj): 04/02/1973
Organization: Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Contact Address: 2000 Szentendre, Ady Endre u. 9-11, Hungary
Country: Hungary
Email: gabor (at) rec.org
Phone: +(36) 26 311-199
Fax: +(36) 26 311-294

1996-1997 Central European University, Hungary
* MSc in Environmental Sciences

1991-1996  Gödöllõ University of Agricultural Sciences, Hungary
* Certificated Agricultural Engineer of Environmental Management
* Certificated English-Hungarian Translator

Spring 1994 Purdue University, USA
* Gödöllõ - Purdue exchange programme

Retraining/Other Conferences: 
May 2000  Ten years of Building a Global Internet Community for Environment, 
Human Rights, Development, and Peace: Open forum of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). Visegrád, Hungary

March 2000 Second Global Knowledge Conference. Organized by the Global 
Knowledge Partnership. I took part in this conference as a representative of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) in the Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 2000  Annual partners’ meeting of the Sustainable Development 
Communications Network (SDCN), a global knowlege network on sustainable development. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

February 2000 Hungary Enriches the European Union: Our Natural Heritage. 
Budapest, Hungary

1999- Project Manager / Webmaster, Regional Environmental 
 Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary
* Managing projects, maintaining the www.rec.org Web site

1997-1999 Translator, BYTE Hungary 
* Freelance translator for the Hungarian subsidiary of BYTE Magazine.

1997-1999 Database Officer, Regional Environmental Center for 
 Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary
* Developing environmental database systems

Voluntary engagement: 
1993-1996 Gödöllõ Green Club (An environmental NGO), Hungary
* Field work (birds‘ nests‘ counting, waste recycling)
* Support of the information management of the club

1994-1996 Departmental Workgroup Manager, Gödöllõ University, Hungary
* Creation and maintenance of the Faculty of Agriculture’s Web site

* MSc thesis: Environmental NGO Networking in Central Europe [In English] 1997, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

* MSc thesis: The Use of Networks for Environmental Information Dissemination in Hungary, 1996, Gödöll? University of Agricultural Sciences, Gödöllõ, Hungary

* Hiking, trips, visiting other places

* Playing music (I play the clarinet) / enjoying music (concerts, disco)

* English (Excellent)
* German (Intermediate)
* Hugarian (Native)

My organization, the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC; Szentendre, Hungary, www.rec.org) is a core member of the Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN), a global knowlege network on sustainable development (sdgateway.net/project.htm). One of my current tasks in this network is to set up an on-line module on sustainable cities. The project is carried out as a collaborative work among different NGOs and organizations all across the world, such as the International Institute for Sustainable Development (Canada), Development Alternatives (India), ENDA (Senegal), Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden), FARN (Argentina). 

As you can see from my past engagements above my professional interests lie with networking and the environment. I support the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving – therefore I am open to becoming involved with other areas. After all, the environment and electronic networks effect almost everything in our modern lives… 

Official Organisers:
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network
Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

last update: 26.06.2000