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5th July
Natalia Rosalion:
Curriculum Vitae

First Name: Natalia
Middle Name:
Last Name: Rosalion
Gender: female
Birth date (dd/mm/jj): 27/01/75
Organization: Department of Infrastructure, Victoria
Contact Address: Level 23, 80 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.
Country: Australia
Email: natalia.rosalion (at) doi.vic.gov.au
Phone: +61-3-9655 6507
Fax: +61-3-9655 6556

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)(Hons), Monash University, Australia, May 1998.

Bachelor of Arts, Monash University, Australia, April 1998.

Retraining/Other Conferences: 
United Nations Youth Conference, Melbourne, May 1991.

Transport ’98: Investing in Transport, 19th ARRB Transport Research Conference, Sydney, 1998.

Future Cities, Benchmarking Cities ’99, Melbourne, October 1999.

Destination Melbourne Conference, Melbourne, May 2000.

John Mullen & Partners. Consulting Engineers. 
Nov 1995 – Feb 1996. 
Vacation work experience position that involved structural and civil design. 

ARRB Transport Research Ltd
 1996-1997: Research Assistant
 1998- Aug 199: Research Engineer
Employed as a Research Engineer in the Transport Management group and worked on a variety of transport issues, including Travel Demand Management, public transport, land-use planning, road safety crash analysis and transport economics.

Department of Infrastructure
 Sept 1999 to date: Project Officer
Work in the Strategy Development group within the Strategic Planning Division.  Participate in strategy development projects, infrastructure projects and planning studies related to land use and transport in Victoria.  Current team member of the Metropolitan Strategy project.  Contract manager for Study on the Application of ESD Principles within a Metropolitan Strategic Planning Process.

Professional Affiliations:
Graduate Member of the Institute of Engineers, Australia.
Associated Member of Institute of Transport Engineers Australia.

Voluntary engagement: 
Member of Transport Committee, The Institute of Engineers, Australia, Melbourne, 2000. 

Monash University Gallery, Clayton, Victoria, 1997.

Meals of Wheels, Box Hill, Victoria, 1991.

Box Hill Youth Council, Box Hill, Victoria, 1991-1992.

Chung, E. and Rosalion, N.  (1999).  An evaluation of Freeway Incident detection Algorithms Using Field Data.  Proc. Australasian Transport Research Forum, September 1999, Perth, Western Australia.  (WA Department of Transport: Perth, WA).

Chung, E. and Rosalion, N.  (1999).  Effective incident detection and management on freeways.  Research Report ARR327. (ARRB Transport Research: Vermont South, Vic.).

Luk, J.Y.K., Rosalion, N., Brindle, R. and Chapman, R. (1998).  Reducing road demand by land-use changes, public transport improvements and travel demand management measures.  Research Report ARR313. (ARRB Transport Research: Vermont South, Vic.).

Roddis, S., McGinley, F. and Rosalion, N.  (2000).  Increasing Bus Patronage – schemes in use, their effectiveness and potential. Contract Report RC90151.  (ARRB Transport Research: Vermont South, Vic.).

Rosalion, N. (1998).  RTA Sydney Operations Directorate Road Safety and Social Index Profile – Version 1.  Contract Report RC7076. (ARRB Transport Research: Vermont South, Vic.).

Revolve around learning and people.  These include reading, piano, music, yoga, films, art, overseas correspondence and travel.

1997 Turnball Fenner Traffic Engineering Prize

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Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
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