URBAN21 - Youth Forum Panel
5th July
Patricia Elisa Roset:
Curriculum Vitae

First Name: Patricia
Middle Name: Elisa
Last Name: Roset
Gender: female
Birth date (dd/mm/jj): 18/04/73
Organization: Canadian Urban Institute, Toronto, Canada
Contact Address: Susannadonk 119, 4707 WT  Roosendaal/8 Wellesley Street East, Suite 1008, Toronto, Ontario  M4Y 3B2
Country: The Netherlands/Canada
Email: patricia_roset (at) hotmail.com
Homepage: none
Phone: 001-416-975-1464
Fax: 001-416-365-0650

Master’s Human Geography, specialization Urban Planning, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1992-1997

Master’s Thesis, Toronto, Canada – Canadian Studies Graduate Student Research Award, 1997

Exchange Program, Department of Regional and Urban Planning, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States, 1996

Retraining/Other Conferences: 
Global Entrepreneurship, Ryerson Polytech University, Toronto, Canada, 1999

Financial Accounting, Ryerson Polytech University, Toronto, Canada, 2000

Project Officer & Event Coordinator, Canadian Urban Institute, Toronto, Canada, 1999-2000

Trade Officer, Consulate General of the Netherlands, Toronto, Canada, 1998-1999

Research Analyst, Canadian Urban Institute, Toronto, Canada, 1997-1998

Traffic Surveyor, DS-Lea Associates Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 1997-1998

Project Communicator, Leidsche Rijn Project Bureau, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1996

Voluntary engagement: 
Board Member, Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association Inc., Toronto, Canada, 1998-2000

Volunteer, City of Toronto Cycling Committee, Toronto, Canada, 1998-2000

Volunteer, Toronto International Bicycle Show, Toronto, Canada, 1999

Volunteer, Moving the Economy Conference, Toronto, Canada, 1998

Volunteer, Jane Jacobs Ideas That Matter Conference, Toronto, Canada, 1997

Volunteer, Community Outreach Partnership Center, Gainesville, United States, 1996

Board Member, Foundation of Temporary Housing, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1993-1996

Taking the High Road on a Bike in the Lowlands. In: Ontario Planning Journal, March/April 1999, Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Thinking About The City: Insights Into Urban Canada. Co-edited with Glenn Miller, 1998, Canadian Urban Institute

Multimedia Mania, Spatial Structure of the Multimedia Industry in the GTA. 1997, University of Utrecht

Cycling, tennis, traveling and experiencing urban regions.

In September 2000, I will commence an MBA education – Master’s of Business Administration – at York University in Toronto, Canada, to specialize in Business & Sustainability. With my academic and professional background and personal dedication to the environment and sustainable development, I expect that an MBA degree will assist me in reaching my goal of becoming a decision-maker to raise the awareness of the public and the business community of the importance of sustainability in maintaining a high quality of life for the current and future generation.

Official Organisers:
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network
Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

last update: 14.07.2000