URBAN21 - Youth Forum Panel
5th July
Shakil Ghori:
Curriculum Vitae
First Name: Shakil 
Middle Name:    -
Last Name: Ghori
Gender: Male
Birth date (dd/mm/yy): 07 June 1971
Organization: Youth Resource Information Center (YRIC)
Contact Address: House No. R-526, Sector 14-B, Shadman Town  North Karachi, Karachi-75850
Country: Pakistan
Email: Shakil-Ghori (at) usa.net
Homepage:   none
Phone: - 92-51-250 687 (day-time) 92-51-281 753 (evenings)
Fax: - 92-51-263 926

M.A. Geography, Department of Geography, University of Karachi, Pakistan. (1994)

Advance Training on Policy-Relevant Research Methodologies Involving “Third World” Communities, Development and Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford, UK. September 1998.

Retraining/Other Conferences:
Development Studies Association for Britain and Ireland (DSA) Annual Conference - Bradford, UK - 8 - 10 September 1999

Development Studies Association for Britain and Ireland (DSA) Annual Conference - Bradford, UK - 09 - 12 September 1998 

The International Youth Follow-up - Eskashire, Turkey - 13 - 21 September 1997 

The City Summit: Habitat II, Istanbul, Turkey - 04 - 14 June 1996

The Dubai International Conference on Habitat II on Best Practices - Dubai, UAE, 
19 - 22 November, 1995 

Development Studies Association for Britain and Ireland (DSA) Annual Conference -  Dublin, Ireland, 7 - 9 September, 1995

Working as a Research Advisor for Social Action Programme Communcation Project (SAPCom) funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and executed by Cowater International Inc. Canada.

Voluntary engagement:
Youth Resources and Information Center (YRIC)

Regional Focal Point for Asia and the Pacific
Youth for Habitat International Network (YFHIN)

Voluntary Associate ROOTS, an NGO working on educating the working children in low income communities in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Volunteer member Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE), Karachi, Pakistan. 

Ghori S, Contribution of Youth to the Implementation of the Habitat Agenda, National Report for Pakistan, (1999), YFHIN/UNCHS

Ghori S, Resource Directory for Human Settlements:, Urban Based NGOs and Service Sector Organisations in Pakistan, EPB, (May 1996)

Ghori S, Panhwar N A “Situation Analysis of Manchar Lake Area” Main Report
Volume Two, Sindh Education Foundation, DFID,  (April 1999)

Matraman, P C & Ghori S
"Transport and Communication Intervention in The Alleviation of Poverty" UN-ESCAP, ( ST/ESCAP/1867) (1997)

Sayeed A T, Ghori S, Sadiq J, An Assessment of the Working Child in the Soccer Ball Industry, Sialkot, Soccer Industry Council of America (SICA) (Jun 1996)

Ghori S, "Moving Towards Community Based Development" An evaluation of the Baltistan Health and Education Foundation’s projects, (Dec 1996)

Kamal S, Akhtar S, Ghori S
Community Supported Girls Primary Education in Sindh: Achievements and Opportunities 
(Mar 1995)

Playing Chess, Reading


Official Organisers:
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations
The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network
Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

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